Precision CNC Routing and Profiling Services
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Precision CNC Routing and Profiling Services
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Process and Pricing - How it works...

Our basic pricing structure charges our CNC machine @ £70 per hour, draughting and design services are charged @ £40 per hour.

Laser cutting is charged at £1.20 per minute plus any file preperation required.

3d Printing costs vary, please contact us for details. 

If you would like us to quote on a project for you, please supply drawings in the following formats and use this guide to minimize the amount of time we have to work on your drawings.

File formats:

2D - we accept DWG, DXF, EPS, PDF. Please make sure your drawings are as clean as possible, shapes that are to be cut should be closed shapes and different cuts saved on separate layers, please call us if you require clarification.

3D - we accept various triangle and surface model file formats including DWG, DXF, STL, SLPRT, OBJ etc, please call us to discuss further.